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November 11, 2008


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Kris, I just have to say that no matter what the subject, your writing style is consistently both smart and amusing. Thank you.

Zev Valancy

I commented on the same thing in my post on this--http://onchicagotheatre.blogspot.com/2008/11/long-overdue-update.html

Weirdest of all in this strangely condescending article is the fact that there are plenty of nationally known directors that make a home in Chicago--Anna D. Shapiro and Frank Galati are only two--and even more who haven't yet received national recognition but still get a strong response every time they work. So it's not like choosing to stay here is an uncommon decision.

What's odd is that I have always gotten the impression that Isherwood focuses more on what's going on regionally than most NY Times writers. Wouldn't he understand that there are reasons not to be based in New York?

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I'm just teasing Cromer a bit; he deserves the exposure. I'd heard Isherwood had seen both Our Town and Picnic on a visit here last month, but didn't know what to expect in the Times as a result. It's an accurately admiring profile of Cromer...

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Nice to meet you Mr Cromer.

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I spent many of my time reading the different reports of this man, as a New York Times follower I love to keep a eye in David's work, of course that I need to know all about this new work, thanks dude.

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