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October 20, 2008


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I was also really disppointed by the stage version of the movie "Chicago." Especially the choreography. It was nothing like the dancing in the movie! They must have had to use some untalented knockoff's choreography for the Broadway show because they couldn't get the rights to the dancing in the movie version. :-P


There was a young writer named Kris,
Who must have thought "Wicked" was bliss;
Or perhaps he's been had
by his new Google ad?
(Just below dirty dancers that kiss.)

Mark Jeffries

Ad blocker's on the work computer, Ed--have to take your word for it.

What I find interesting is that in the cast of the show as Baby's sister (the hula number) is Katlyn Carlson, noted fringe ingenue and member of The Broken Compass, fringe company that does shows that Justin Hayford and Don Hall like. The question: Has she sold out or not?


It shows as "Wicked Chicago Tickets" (at least most of the time) on the main page. In the comments section the ad is for Dirty Dancing tickets. Not a scandal or anything, just struck me as funny.

Zev Valancy

That was one that elicited a "There isn't time to explain how wrong that is" and some headbanging from me as well. That whole comments page was unintentionally hilarious.

Thanks for the comment, by the way--I'm honored to be agreed with by someone who knows what he's doing! Trade blogrolls?

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