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June 25, 2007


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Paul Rekk


Eager to see your review. I was at the show as well and hung around a while with some friends from the cast. They were (deservedly) on cloud nine. I hope Mr. Ebert is aware of just how happy he made this cast and crew. A shining moment for a great man.

Also, just a quick edit, Ebert also has "Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens" under his screenwriting belt. Not as triumphant as Dolls, perhaps, but a real film nonetheless. But that's the point where one crosses over from connoisseur to nerd.

Kris Vire

Good god, Paul, you're right. I missed the "ultra" and, therefore, the reference. But for a nail the shoe was lost.

IMDb tells me "Ultra-Vixens" was written under the pseudonym "R. Hyde." Cute.



Kris Vire

Just a quick addition: I'd assumed Ebert had responded to an invitation from the company, but various accounts from those connected with the show today indicate that he bought and paid for tickets of his own accord, and under another name. The cast apparently didn't even know he was in the audience until after the show. All of which makes it even cooler for them.

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