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May 06, 2009


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Will second the Red Noses recommendation.

I really liked The Lieutenant of Inishmore up at Northlight also (with the caveat that there was one acting beat I COMPLETELY disagreed with, if you're reading this, BJ)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch at ATC- backstage drama aside, this is a really phenomenal production of this with Nick Garrison as the fabulous centerpiece.

I would hate for Steppenwolf's production to be anyone's *first* encounter with the Tempest, but sure, people should give it a whirl.

"Rose and the Rime," though that's just about to close.

I had several others, then I realized they'd actually already closed. Apparently I need to go see some more shows this weekend.

Scott Barsotti

Will third the Red Noses rec. Delightful and impressive show and a great cast. Cut to the Quick at the side project has some hidden gems as well.

And for your consideration, an admittedly biased (but not erroneous) recommendation of WildClaw's "The Revenants." I do not always recommend my own shows (truly) and WildClaw's nailing this one. Horror-freaks and drama-lovers alike are embracing it, and the company's ardor for the genre is evident in every decision.


I think Porchlight's production of "Once on this Island" is pretty good as well (saw first preview this past weekend). They're layering an interesting different concept on it through design- instead of being set in the French Antilles, the 'island of two different worlds' is being told by a community on the island of Manhattan.

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