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September 03, 2008


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Which is why Time Out Chicago should sponsor its own, hipper theatre awards party/celebration.

I'm serious.

Kerry Reid

So I'm not watching any of the GOP convention because, even though I'm not exactly old, I ain't exactly young, either, and there is a history of premature stroke in my family. Just sayin'...

But anyhoo, in one of my many feeding frenzies through the blogosphere, I came across this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMkchLnAdEM), and it's just had me in stitches. First I was like "Why is Barbara Bush talking?" Then I was like "Who the hell is Jo Ann Davidson?" And then I heard "Sarah Pawlenty" and I just spit chamomile tea all over my keyboard. Because that is beyond comedy gold right there.

I imagine she was backstage kvetching with the GOP women who actually have some professional street cred (Snowe, Hutchison, Whitman) and they were saying "Who the hell is this woman? Why not one of us? Whose dick do I have to suck to be taken seriously in this Hee-Haw Party, anyway? At least Hillary got passed over for someone who's been around for a bajillion years. Christ on a Holy Cracker, even PAWLENTY wouldn't have been as insulting as this straight-up bullshit!"

And then she had to go out there and do her little intro, and out pops "Sarah Pawlenty!"

Hoo doggies!


Gah! Sara can't be nominated for that performance!? I thought she was stellar. Of course, she's a friend so I'm biased, but even so. Boo, Jeff Committee, boo. Sometimes their decisions make sense to me, but some real head scratchers come along, and this is a doozy. It wasn't a perfect evening out, but it was pretty awesome. That said, the preview I saw it, I do remember several people didn't come back after the first intermission. They were relatively elderly- at the risk of stereotyping I wonder if the Jeff Committee judges opening night had similar feelings. In their defense if I had to point to one weak spot in the show it was the acoustics. I was seated dead center of one of the kidney beans and might not have had nearly as good a time if I didn't already have at least a nodding acquaintance with the score and script- a lot of lyrics were getting lost due to distance and the volume of the piano.

Tucker Curtis

Chicago-area actor Tucker Curtis is most definitely NOT a professional Republican and urges you to come out and see "Escanaba In Love" at the Circle Theatre with previews beginning this Friday and officially opening Wednesday, September 10th.

Just sayin', is all...


"TUTA has never been recommended."

That's pretty astounding.

Paul Rekk

Speaking of Dog & Pony and the friendlies on the Jeff 'mittee, I still hold As Told By The Vivian Girls as my "What were they thinking?" pick (or lack thereof) for the year. I suppose if you're gonna go, go all out, or something like that...

Scott Barsotti

If we end up with President Palin (and let's be honest, if they win, it's inevitable she'll ascend for one reason or another, my guess is a right-wing conspiracy to oust McCain via scandal or maybe arsenic), at least we'll speed up global warming even more with all of the piles of burning books. I hear "A Man For All Seasons" sets ablaze with ease.

Mark Jeffries

When I went to see "Vivian Girls," the Dog and Pony person told me that D&P looked at the Jeff committee people on opening night, saw that they were not avidly following the show everywhere and knew that they weren't going to get diddle from them.

The question is: Is the Jeff committee going to do something about this or are they going to write it off as a bunch of young "weirdos" at a "weirdo" magazine who don't like anything but "weirdo" shows? I only say that because there seems to be a feeling among some older theatergoers that theater is the last bastion of True Culture that hasn't been corrupted by the kids (which I guess is a middlebrow view, if Susan Jacoby praises "Masterpiece Theatre" and hates the "Gossip Girl" books).

And Kris--you forgot Gay Chicago's After Dark awards.

Sara Sevigny

I can attest that Tucker Curtis is NOT a staunch Republican.

...and heartfelt thanks, Kris. We're all very proud of what we've pushed as an ensemble to create.

Kris Vire

I would hate to besmirch the fine name of Tucker Curtis, who I've certainly praised in print. Tucker, I'm sorry the Carlsons and Boundses of the world are besmirching it for you.


using the esoteric "besmirch" twice in one sentence Kris?

Kris Vire

Two sentences, Dianna, and the repetition was intended, but point taken. Considering that I was mocking a press release yesterday for using "mythic" twice in the same sentence, perhaps I should be more careful about my own word choices.

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